Savage Tech Solutions Group Corp

STSGC ... Solid Experience ... Solid Results ... The Right Choice ...

Savage Tech Solutions Group Corp is not just a company but a movement for change.  ... We work hard to provide the best possible quality and prices.

While it's easy to talk, as most sales people do, we are, simply, not sales people and are very sincere about what we do. We take Pride in what we do and take your needs seriously and personally. Those who already work with us know this.

We have created this online catalog / order management system in a manner that makes finding products easy. When you log in, you see prices that are set especially for you with further adjustments available based on quantities in real time, no more waiting for quotes :)

Who We Serve

  • Hospitality / Commercial / Hospitals / Industrial 
  • Developers > Commercial / Residential Projects
  • Property Management / Strata / Schools / Property Engineering / Universities
  • Wholesale Electrical Distributors / Contractors / Property Maintenance Companies
  • Offices / Retail Stores / Warehouses
  • Municipal / Government
  • Parking / Streets / Parking Garages 
  • Point of Sale Distributors / Sales Agents
  • Wholesale / Retail / Ship Worldwide


  • Canada
  • USA
  • Japan / China / Korea
  • New Zealand / Australia / Fiji
  • Other International Markets (on Demand)


  • Lighting Products - LED / CFL / Metal Halide / Halogen / HPS / Fluorescent ( T5 / T8 )Many Others ..
  • Lighting Fixtures - All types - Commercial / Industrial / Public / Residential - LED and Other
  • Controls - Electronic management systems / Photocontrols / Schedule Control / Smart Controls
  • LED Exit and Emergency Lighting Products - Private Branding Options available
  • Electrical Materials - Metal / Plastic Boxes and Other
  • Transformers / Ballasts / Fixture Parts
  • Energy and Cost Reduction Audits / Reports / Designs
  • AV Products - TV / Sound / Control - (Hospitality / Commercial)
  • Automation / Intelligent Smart systems
  • Custom Designed Lighting Fixtures / Systems - No Limits
Demand over the past year has been heavy and wait times have been long. This website format has been created to help speed things up and provide you with an easy and fast way to source and order the products you need. For all other needs outside of our online system, please contact us.

Last, we did not use fancy graphics and flashy banners on the site. This is a tool, and with that in mind we created the site in a simple format that does not distract your focus from what your really here to do, to easily and quickly source what your looking for. Of course, we are also available to help if you have needs beyond what's available on this system.

Thank You  for your confidence and Support, We look forward to being of service ...

Savage Tech Solutions Group Corp ..

Not just a Company ... A Movement for Change ...