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Savage Tech Solutions Group Corporation - Order Processing Terms

This system is for the purpose of sourcing and placing orders. When you place an order it will generate a Product Sales Order or PSO without eco fees. When your order(s) are processed, Invoice(s) will be generated / issued based on the specific terms of your account and any applicable taxes, eco fees or other will be added to invoice(s) at that time.

For wholesale clients who purchase for resale and are BC PST Exempt, we will require you submit proof of PST registration along with your PST exemption number. Invoices will be adjusted to reflect GST only.

Terms of our Sales Partners listed below are subject to change and additional conditions without notice

Savage Tech Solutions Group Corporation - Product OrderTerms

Our prices contain small profit margins to make sure you get the best price possible. For this reason, our terms are NET10 on approved accounts unless otherwise specified.

Account Type 1 - Net 10
Account Type 2 - COD (Cash, Interac Transfer, Credit Card, Money Order, Bank Draft - Cheques require pre-approval)
Account Type 3 - Pre-Paid (Cash, Interac Transfer, Credit Card, Money Order, Bank Draft - Cheques require  pre-approval)

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping subject to terms below

Regions for Free Shipping - Vancouver / Burnaby / Richmond / North Vancouver / West Vancouver. All other regions please check with us. Min order for free delivery is 250.00

Delivery Days

Tuesday / Thursday each week (except on holidays)
Any deliveries outside of our scheduled days may be subject to shipping costs


If you have received a product that is not correct or not what you ordered or needed and it is an STSGC and/or an STSGC error, no restocking or shipping costs will apply.

If you return a product that was ordered by error on your side, please note that a 25% restocking fee will apply. Returns must be approved by STSGC and/or STSGC Sales Partners. returns also require an approved return number. number. Shipping costs may apply also.

Returns are accepted for a period of five (5) Days from reception of delivered goods.

Other special terms may apply on a case by case basis.


All product warranties are based on manufacturer warranties unless otherwise specified or agreed on. Some brands process warranties directly via toll free numbers while STSGC and/or it's sales partners may process warranties on products that are supported by exchange warranties.

Use of STSGC Site Terms

While we work hard to make sure product information / images and prices are correct on this site errors can happen. By using this site you agree to not hold STSGC and/or any sales partners responsible for content errors. If you should come across an obvious error, reporting it to us would be appreciated. 

Copyrighted Content

Unique content / Graphics as well as written and  produced materials by STSGC is our property and may not be copied or used without our express written permission. Items and images that are property of others in use on this site are copyright of the respective owners.